What Is A Sacral Chakra?

Here, we are going to go through a bit of discovery to answer the question:  what is a sacral chakra?  When we go through each of the elements of the sacral chakra, please take note on how each element impacts prosperity. 

The sacral chakra is the 2nd energy center in the human energy field.  It is located located in the lower abdomen area of the body between the root and solar plexus chakras.

The sacral chakra connects to the sexual organs, large intestines, pelvis, appendix, and bladder.

Mentally and emotionally, the sacral chakra connects to relationships, sexual energy, creativity, and personal identity.  This area is about honoring one another vs. judging people or controlling people. 

In fulfilling honoring another, we have the opportunity to be more self aware of how our actions and ways of being impact another.  However, I am getting ahead of myself. 

To summarize and expand upon the essence of the sacral chakra further, the sacral chakra is connected to the following elements:

  • Choice
  • Creativity
  • Sexual Energy
  • Ethics
  • Personal Power

While the above elements do not directly include prosperity, they do impact one's level of prosperity if they go out of balance.  For example, if you don't feel like you have choice or your creativity is blocked, the ability to attract prosperity will be limited.

Elements in what is a sacral chakra?

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What Is A Sacral Chakra & Its Relationship To Choice?

Choice is something that is done after consideration.  Choice is a creative power.  You make a choice after consideration.  A more powerful form of choice is choosing from an empowered or blissful point of view. 

You have to kind of feel your way through it.  The way you know you made the right choice is that something powerful comes out of choice over time.  That time might be 3 months or 3 years.  But, don’t get too enamored with one choice vs. another. 

Sometimes what seems good can actually be detrimental.  Sometimes what seems detrimental is actually good.  There is a great parable on this concept: the story of the Zen farmer

What Is A Sacral Chakra & Its Relationship To Creativity?

Creative energy exists in things like poetry, art, music, science, problem solving, entrepreneurialism, and even being present while practicing martial arts. 

Creative energy can be something as simple as writing a book.  I have a friend who has started writing romance novels.  This is the hobby she would do if she retired and did something she enjoyed. 

Instead of waiting until retirement, she is creating those novels right now.  The last time I spoke to her, she was in Costa Rica doing research for her next novel.

Sacral chakra represented by northern lights

I have personally used creative energy when looking for my next job.  I would write out all the essences for what I was looking for in my next job.  I would write what the environment would be like, the type of people I would work with, the leaders who would be a part of the organization, and then the contribution I wanted to make. 

The first time I did this, I ended up with an amazing group of people.  However, I forgot to envision what people would be like who were external to the organization.  These people also influenced the work experience of myself and my teammates.

Other times, I didn’t fully create what I wanted.  I ended up with working in a culture that wasn’t so great, but I accomplished things I didn’t know I could do. 

Each act of creation allows you to adapt and adjust to what you really want. 

However, if one is focused only on what they don’t want, results can be limiting.  One may miss extraordinary opportunities or settle for something that would be less fulfilling.  Again, even the less empowered aspect of creative energy has an impact on the sacral chakra.

Ultimately, when you are creating something new or doing something new, the opportunity is to come from the perspective of honoring others as well as oneself.  If that honor is missing, the creative energy could be stymied.

Sacral Chakra Symbol

What Is A Sacral Chakra & Its Relationship To Sexual Energy?

The sacral chakra is associated with sexuality wherein sexuality is raw power.  That power is one in which union with another person occurs. 

For some, having a partner and kids can mean additional stability in life.

The 2nd chakra is associated with the creation of life.  While this creation of life can be through a union of two people. 

For two people deeply in love, the union can also be deeply spiritual.

What Is A Sacral Chakra & Its Relationship To Ethics?

Personal ethics and morals are associated with the sacral chakra as well.  This is the area where we honor our word that we give to people, where we make promises and commitments.  This includes things like New Year’s resolutions.  Although, in my case, they are New Year’s intentions.

This is also where we are attracted to those who have similar values to us.  For example, someone who operates with rigor and integrity, will enjoy interacting with someone else who operates with rigor and integrity.  A person with rigor and integrity may have a harder time connecting with someone who is unreliable.

Location of the sacral chakra.

As an example where my own sacral chakra came out of balance was in working in a very challenging environment.  The leaders had a tendency to want to get things out quickly and efficiently. 

However, how it was done was at odds with doing good quality work that followed critical processes.  There was a moment where I felt like I depended on the view of the leaders too much.

I later realized I made a mistake.  We had made a decision that I felt lacked integrity and rigor.  I was wracked with guilt and was very angry with myself for at least a month. I felt I had breached my own personal integrity.  Interestingly, I had given into the tribal view of how things were to be done vs. ensuring that we did the right thing. 

In this case, there was a mix imbalance in the root chakra and the sacral chakra. Eventually, I apologized to the person who never faltered in her stand to do what was right. 

She easily forgave me.  She let me know that decision would have been made even if I had opposed the leader's decision.  I didn’t believe her until about a year later when I realized she was right.  Only then was I able to forgive myself.

Man on mountain looking at the sunrise representing the sacral chakra element of personal power

What Is A Sacral Chakra & Its Relationship To Personal Power?

Power is another aspect of the 2nd chakra.  When we are with a group or team of people, we feel a personal power.  An example might be a team of people working towards a common cause such as a meditation practice, working together on a major project, or even a sports team playing to win a game.

The different sides of personal power is authority, control, addication, ownership, sensuality.

We learn who has power, and how to attract it.  You can see this in the politics people play to get ahead.  Some use power to manipulate people or to take credit for work that was not theirs. 

A more enlightened version of personal power is when a leader works with people and empowers those closest to the work to make decisions.  A great example of that can be seen in this video on leadership by L. David Marquet.  This kind of power is where one creates leaders of leaders.

Sources referenced:  Myss, C., PHD (1996). Anatomy of the Spirit. Three Rivers Press.

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