The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity

The dynamic laws of prosperity page picks up where the money law of attraction page left off.  We will use some of the concepts that Catherine Ponder shared with a personal touch.

The two concepts we will focus on are the Imaging Law of Prosperity and the Law of Ideas.  Let us begin...

The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity:  
The Imaging Law Of Prosperity

I speak a lot about imaging or visualization this website.  You can find more information on the mind visualization part of this site or even in The Law of Attraction and Prosperity page (coming soon).

For now, we will begin with the visualization part of the dynamic laws of prosperity.  As mentioned in other pages, we often think in pictures whether it they are pictures of what we want or what we do not want.  The key is to become aware of where you place your attention. 

Using images as the access to The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.

Focus your attention on what you really want versus what you think you can have. 

Allow yourself to experience it full throttle.  If you waffle on what you want, you will get mixed results. 

Then, only speak of what you want and what you are up to. 

Stop any talk of how bad things are.  Your mental pictures and words are very powerful.

Instead, focus on who you are becoming and the results that you are naturally attracting. 

One of the ways you can do that is by creating a collage as mentioned in the manifesting prosperity page. 

You can also do things like get some play money that you see every time you open up your purse or your wallet.  As you begin focusing on what your attracting, you will naturally acquire it.

Imaging helps give rise to the dynamic laws of prosperity.

If you find that you take longer than you said to attract the prosperity you are imagining, that is okay. 

Keep imagining who you are becoming.  Believe you are becoming prosperous. 

The speed at which you become prosperous is the speed at which you are able to mentally accept the new image of yourself.

There have been times when I said I would get a new job or a certain amount of money within a certain period of time.  I didn’t always fulfill on that because I first had to get myself out of the way. 

In using the imaging aspect of the dynamic laws of prosperity, I would get what I imagined 1-3 months after my original goal date.  It just took that long for me to get out of my own way and to mentally accept that I was becoming the person who could have those things.

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The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity:  The Law Of Ideas

Let us move into one of the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity called the Law of Ideas.  Catherine Ponder refers to it as The Creative Law of Prosperity.  This one can be very simple.  You create an intention, and you create a plan for how you will fulfill that intention.  You do not have to be married to that plan!!!

Planning is sometimes challenging for me because I do NOT like getting tied down to one particular plan.  It almost feels like stifling my creativity.  However, if you are one of those creative people, don’t let that happen to you.  Instead, use your creativity to create a plan that works for you.  You can create a loosely based plan, but create a plan.

Operating in life without some kind of plan is like operating without a rudder.  You may end up all over the place. 

The important thing is to know 1) where you are going and 2) know where you are starting. 

How you get from Point A to Point B may change over time.  That’s okay.  The important part is to keep moving forward even if it is in a very squiggly line from A to B.

In fact, this is how friends of mine were able to support me in developing a plan.  When I started adding creativity and flexibility to my plans, then I was much more productive and fulfilled. 

So, now instead of having one idea of how I wanted to accomplish something and feeling stuck, I have multiple ideas.  Then, I could combine ideas as appropriate. 

The Creative Law of Prosperity is one of the dynamic laws of prosperity that pulls for out of the box thinking.

I also get to challenge myself to see how much I can honestly accomplish each week.  I found that I thought I could do way more than was actually feasible. 

I have a lot more freedom to plan since I took the pressure off of myself, and have made planning more of a game that could be adjusted and learned from.

Final Tips For The Law Of Ideas

For now, I am going to end with some tips that you can apply.

Take action as if that plan as complete.  This goes back to the imaging law of prosperity.

Continually affirm the fulfillment of your plan.  You can combine affirmations (see prosperity affirmations) with imaging.  That is a very powerful combination. 

Let's move from here to the next set of tips for developing a prosperity consciousness and manifesting prosperity in a post with a similar title, but totally different content called dynamic laws of prosperity.

DISCLAIMER:  Please be aware that the information on this website is for educational purposes only. cannot guarantee the results you will achieve by applying the principles and practices that are listed on this site.